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faqs - Eka Mora


How long have you been a wedding photographer?

The first wedding I shot was in 2011, when I was still in college. I had a great time. I have been shooting weddings ever since.

Did you study photography?

Yes, I have a college degree in photography. Before that I also studied Industrial Design.

I have taken courses in cooking, creativity, design thinking, mindfulness, conflict resolution, dressmaking and even singing. I work full as a photojournalist in a hyperlocal newspaper.

In the 5th grade I was part of the school musical production, in college I tried the theater group, lasted 2 weeks.

My brain is interested in everything, it’s all over the place.

My only constant love has been photography.

How is your style?

Cheerful, colorful, joyful, honest, tropical.

What is the best episode of Friends?

Phew. I love The One With Joey’s Fridge, I love it. Phoebe’s wedding makes me very happy, makes me feel that life is beautiful. I love the lottery one and the one that they are awake all night because they are super simple arguments that develop throught 25 minutes. But my favorite one is where no one is ready, especially since it’s the only one filmed in real time.

What else should I watch besides Friends?

Movies by Woody Allen, Wes Anderson and Kubrick. I could watch Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind forever, on loop, The Godfather, Lost In Translation, When Harry Met Sally and Notting Hill. I LOVE The Big Lebowsky and Fargo. I do not know how many times I’ve seen Flipped, Anomalisa changed my life and Aladin taught me that it’s okay to be authentic. I got obsessed with Breaking Bad, I’m rewatching Mad Men, all the time. The Office, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, Seinfield and Louie made the person I have become. Gilmore Girls is the best thing that ever happened to me.

What is the best song to sing in Karaoke?

The one that pours out of your soul. The one that you know is yours and with which you can make people dance. My most important Karaoke secret is this: SING A SONG THAT EVERYONE KNOWS AND CAN’T RESIST SINGING, singing alongside others is way more beautiful and if you start feeling self conscious, once you see everyone singing with, you will forget you fear, The shame and all that, all those crazy feelings that limit us and keep us from being the wonder that we were born to be.