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info - Eka Mora


Life is a compilation of moments that slip through our fingers. We have nothing but the present moment. What we feel what we see and experience right now.

 Sometimes, in a wonderful moment, two lucky people promise to love each other until their days are up. And that moment, that amazing day, it’s about love and illusions and promises. About family and friends and the people we have decided to love.

 It is about hope, because even though we do not know how the days to come are going to be, or what is going to happen tomorrow, we know that at this moment, on this day: everything is possible.

I am Eka /eh*kah/. And my purpose is to remind you for many years how beloved and fortunate you are.

I want to give you a visual chronicle that reminds you how grateful you are at this moment.

I want to tell your story in the way that best represents you.

So that although this day, your wedding day,  has already passed, you can always have it in the present.